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Wedding tent rentals provide protection from the sun and the rain. They are an essential element of every outdoor wedding and special event. We provide a wide range of wedding tent rentals. Hosting a wedding or special event in a tent is a wonderful experience! When you hold your event in a tent, the event comes to you! You can have your event in a location that has special meaning to you, whether it’s a family farm, or a back yard, on a beach, along a river or in a park. We have tents for all locations and to suit all configurations. Imagine getting married on the farm you grew up on, with all the happy memories. Our tents come equipped with walls that can slide open in great weather, or be closed if it gets a little chilly or rainy. Your guests will be ooh-ing and aah-ing over the display line of white tent peaks as they drive in.  Imagine the customized decor you can have in a tent, planters of flowers or even trees, and suspended cafe or twinkle lights. High walls and peaks ensure a feeling of openness, yet intimacy and coziness. You can have all the amenities of a a venue but with the nostalgia of your back yard!

Tent Rental Information

Please keep in mind that a tent is a structure that may take the whole day to assemble, depending on it’s size. To secure the tent, they are either staked into the ground or ballasted with concrete blocks. In addition, a site survey needs to be done to ensure the location is suitable, with no overhead wires or other hazards. A tent permit may be required before a tent can be erected and all underground utilities need to be marked out for tents that are staked. This usually requires at least 1 week advanced planning. Finally, an engineering inspection is required according to the Ontario Building Code. A professional tent rental company will ensure that your tent is safe and meets all the required regulations and safety standards. Once your tent is erected and all the safety standards are met, you can relax, enjoy, and have fun!

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