It’s always sunny in our world! We know you always want your events to be sunny as well. While you can usually count on good weather for summertime events held outdoors, sometimes the weather does take a turn for the worse.

You don’t want to be the person who fails to plan properly, doesn’t have a contingency plan in place and is left scrambling at the last minute when you should be enjoying the event. That’s no fun at all!

Even when the weather turns iffy, you can still have a sunny event with proper planning. Outdoor events should always have a temporary structure such as a tent or a permanent structure such as a nearby building as a fall back shelter option.

Each year we receive last minute requests to put up a tent because the weather forecast has changed for the worst. Most of those requests have to be turned down for a variety of reasons. Tent permits, site engineering inspections and underground utility locates all have to be completed in the weeks leading up to an event. A minimum of 7 days advance notice is required to obtain underground utility locates. Without utility locates, we have to use more expensive ballasting with concrete blocks. Rental tent inventory may also not be available on weekends we are busy. These and many other factors can lead to you and your guests not enjoying your event. Please keep weather in mind when planning outdoor events.


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